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Supply Chain Management

Our approach to supply chain management makes it possible for manufacturers to build their products better, smarter, and faster than ever before. We make companies more efficient in everything from lead times and inventory planning to manpower, operations and engineering.

Our comprehensive view of your business and insights gained from vast experience across the globe puts Supply Technologies in the most informed position to make improvements and enhancements.



Global Network/Low Cost Supplier Access

The Best Sources, Worldwide

Every year, Supply Technologies sources tens of billions of parts and materials from more than 7,500 traditional, niche and specialized suppliers from a combination of global and local supply chains. The results are highly leveraged buys that directly benefit our customers.

Global To Local Sourcing Solutions

We support global operations with sourcing solutions that capitalize on a combination of global and local supply chains. Supply Technologies tailors sourcing solutions to deliver the competitive benefits of low-cost, long-distance supply chains in conjunction with shorter, more flexible supply chains as your needs change. This tailoring enables you to access competitive pricing in changing markets.

Staying Competitive

Our global sourcing team continuously analyzes an array of global raw material indices and tracks global currency exchange rates to ensure you’re getting a cost-competitive solution.

Supplier Development

Our suppliers are personally visited on-site, screened and audited to meet rigorous performance criteria ensuring product and service standards, and our ability to meet any need or challenge you may have. Strategic suppliers are then continuously developed to provide ongoing improvements and retain a competitive advantage.

Global Sourcing Capabilities & Services

  • Structured methodology for identification and evaluation of sources
  • Utilization of assessment forms in native language
  • Maintain face-to-face contact with suppliers through Supply Technologies Sourcing and Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) staff
  • Maintain performance metrics (sample on-time delivery, sample submission acceptance, overall quality performance)

Vendor Selection & Management

Supply Base Consolidation

The cost of managing a supplier goes well beyond the purchase order cost. Supply Technologies can enable a significant degree of supply base consolidation going beyond fasteners to an array of different products. Each product category is then leveraged to provide the optimal sourcing solution.

Ensuring Quality, Consistency & Value

With sourcing and supplier quality engineers in every low-cost region, Supply Technologies keeps a balance of cost, quality and inventory while supporting product needs with 100% delivery continuity. 

Supply Technologies reviews, evaluates, and determines strategies for new and existing suppliers. Our suppliers are personally visited on-site, screened and audited to meet rigorous performance criteria ensuring product and service standards, and our ability to meet any need or challenge you may have. 

Our selection process matches suppliers with end-customers in the market using an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process. Product is submitted to the customer for review; upon approval the supplier is added to the supply chain, with an annual audit plan for evaluating continuous improvement.

Strategic suppliers are then continuously developed to provide ongoing improvements and retain a competitive advantage.

Our product lines meet these worldwide consensus standards: DIN, IFI, ASTM, ISO, JIS, BS, MS, NAS and both Metric and Inch products.

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Planning, Sourcing & Logistics

Supply Technologies’ Total Supply Management™ approach leads to significant cost savings by reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improved productivity.

A common mistake organizations can make when selecting or replacing new fastener suppliers is securing a more competitive price on particular fasteners and other class “C” items. While we can identify immediate cost savings in the price of the fastener itself, our focus has always been in the sustainable, continuous improvement to streamline the process, identify additional cost savings, increase return on investment, and make the organization more profitable. 

Material & Demand Planning

Our planners have the expertise necessary to turn raw data into programs customized to each customer’s needs through: 

  • Comprehensive demand planning through Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Web-based collaborative planning tools
  • Planning methodologies tailored to specific customer programs
  • Optimized parameter management
  • Inventory stratification
  • Optimal network design for fulfillment
  • Substantial Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) use
  • Highly experienced material planning teams

Global Sourcing 

Vast global resources give us unrivaled buying power and access to the highest quality parts and materials from the world’s lowest cost providers. From China to India, Europe and the Americas, Supply Technologies operates an integrated network of strategic relationships with thousands of traditional, niche, and specialized supply partners. With this unique ability to globally consolidate suppliers, while maintaining the ability to access the right part at the right moment, our customers no longer need to invest in and establish their own resource-intensive sourcing strategies. 

Optimal Sourcing Performance is achieved through:

  • Continuous development of existing and new sources, both domestic and international
  • An established sourcing and quality infrastructure with brick and mortar and dedicated employees on three continents
  • Continuous quality improvement through our in-house Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) department
  • Supply agility with our international implementation team focused on first-article efficiency


Transporting your parts and materials from our global supplier base to their final destination requires experience with global import/export customs standards, sophisticated technologies, project organization skills and unrelenting attention to detail. Every year, we contract with thousands of suppliers worldwide to ship billions of parts and materials to more than 55 of our facilities around the world, which are then distributed to more than 700 customer warehouse and production locations on four continents. 

Our on-the-ground managers, agents and brokers have developed extensive relationships with local and international carriers, consolidators and expeditors, and are thoroughly immersed in regulations associated with the nature of your products. This means we’re able to mitigate against delays and other associated issues that less experienced companies cannot overcome.


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