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Total Supply Management


Agility managing materials flow from point A to Z. Transporting your parts and materials from our global supplier base to their final destination requires experience with global import / export customs, taxes, duties, sophisticated technologies, project organization skills and unrelenting attention to detail

Global Sourcing

Leveraging our unprecedented buying power with over 150,000 SKUs utilizing the “best and brightest” suppliers, Supply Technologies is working hard to help you build the highest quality products at the lowest possible total cost

Custom Program Development

Unlike others that prefer one-size-fits-all programs, we combine lessons learned and cross-industry best practices with the principles and techniques of Kanban, JIT, VMI, material management, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma etc. to meet every need and unique requirement of each customer


Our program seamlessly and consistently delivers your parts and materials to the production floor – on time, and on budget – managing process change and deploying without production interruption. Teams of senior people from every department are on-site and in place from beginning to end, and provide the structured training to ensure your program’s success

Quality Assurance

By transferring product outside one production facility or moving product to a new supplier, additional qualification, validation and audit costs will be incurred. Additionally, when products are received from new sources typically some sort of incoming inspection is necessary, at least until a defined confidence level is achieved with the new supplier

Engineering Efficiencies

At our dedicated Tear-down Facility, we literally tear down our customers’ products every day. With the goal of developing the most technically superior end-use products and solutions available in the market place – through improved designs, elimination of redundant parts, and assembly efficiency improvement – we enable our customers to focus on their next innovation

Advanced Technologies

To make sure our customers are at the forefront of advanced and emerging technologies, we are relentlessly investing resources in RFID, wireless, weighted scales, bar coding, voice and ARIA (Adaptive Recognition and Information Assurance) systems - all of which will ultimately drive efficiencies to our customers’ bottom line

We’ve designed our Total Supply Management™ approach to work toward a single goal: to give any manufacturer of any size a greater ability to build its products better, smarter, and faster than ever before.

Our Total Supply Management™ model examines soft costs as well as the obvious costs of doing business and utilizes seven primary elements besides unit price to assist in defining the Total Cost of Ownership. These components are (1) Logistics; (2) Global Sourcing; (3) Custom Program Development; (4) Implementation; (5) Quality Assurance; (6) Engineering Efficiencies; (7) Advanced Technology.

Supply Technologies works with our customers to leverage our core competencies and helps them understand the best processes for optimizing their supply chain operations. By eliminating non-value added activities and fixed costs, Supply Technologies can help our customers stay profitable and competitive in the marketplace.