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How CUSTOM is Your CUSTOM VMI Program? What You Don't Know Could Cost You (Part 1)

Posted by Seth Swanner, VP Sales and Marketing

VMIblogSeth Swanner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Supply Technologies, shares his views on his industry and the dangers concerned with “Custom” VMI Programs being marketed by many competitors. 

Vendor Managed Inventory programs (VMI programs) have become an extremely important tool in global supply chain operations. Many companies offer these types of value-added services, but very few can do this process well. The risk of a large scale transition from one supplier to another is far too great and creates potential exposure if either the new supplier is unable to accomplish such a task, or they work hard to implement a VMI program that isn’t truly customized to meet the current challenges of your organization. This is especially true for companies operating on a global scale. Before listening to the well-prepared rhetoric that most VMI suppliers are sharing, take time to investigate the following:

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